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Minimal Access Surgery Training Centre (MASTC) at Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital, as supported by Hospital Authority Hong Kong, denoted an important milestone in Hong Kong's development of minimal access surgery. Located on the second floor of the HKEC Training Centre for Healthcare Management & Clinical Technology, MASTC provides the ideal environment and versatility for training, seminars and workshops.

Traditionally, technical skills were acquired through traditional teaching mode, similar to apprenticeship. With the advanced technology at the Training Centre, MASTC is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for an alternative and comprehensive approach to surgical education.

EndoLap OR Training Room

EndoLap Operating Room (OR) is a dedicated operating theatre established in PYNEH in 2005, design of which was unprecedented in Hong Kong. It has developed an innovative concept of enabling luminal and intra-abdominal operations to be performed simutaneously. This advanced techniques offer advantages over conventional open surgical procedures in lessening patients’ pain and scarring, shortening recovery time and enhancing surgery safety and scope.

The EndoLap OR is equipped with high-definition endolaparoscopic surgical equipment. Features include:

  • Ceiling-mounted Equipment
  • Plug-in slots for additional equipment
  • Centralized monitoring display enables real-time patient monitoring 
  • Remote and voice control via a voice navigation system allows maximized control on the equipment.
  • 4 ceiling-mounted LCD monitors that is connected to an audiovisual and teleconferencing system, enabling procedures to be recorded and documented for training and debriefing

Resembling the real EndoLap OR, the EndoLap OR Training Room provides a simulated environment for trainees to learn and master their technical skills prior to performing procedures in real-life scenarios.

Pulsatile Organ Perfusion (POP®)

MASTC is the first site in Asia Pacific region to adopt POP® Model for simulation of minimal access operative environment. A realistic simulation of encountered complications can be reproduced for training. POP® creates optimum conditions for the simulation of difficult intraoperative situations in surgical procedures.

Endoscopy Simulation Training Room

The Endoscopy Simulation Training Room is fitted with interactive simulators which provide a platform for trainees to learn different procedures of different scenarios prior to conducting actual operations.

Trainees are provided with the opportunity to improve their procedural skills within a safe environment, thereby minimizing unforeseen complications and challenges in real-life situation.


Lecture Room 1

Lecture Room 1 is equipped with a High Definition Plasma TV which provides high resolution image transferred from the real operating theatre and vivid display on Live Surgical Demonstrations, enhances training and experience sharing with local and overseas surgical institutions via teleconferencing facilities.

Seating Capacity: 80-100

Lecture Room 2

Lecture Room 2 is equipped with advanced audio-visual settings for lectures, seminars and workshops.

Seating Capacity: 20-30


Cyber Café


The Cyber Café offers high speed internet access to guests in a relaxed setting.

Advanced Audio-Visual Equipments available at MASTC:

  • High-Definition LCD Projector
  • Video Conference Equipment (IP & ISDN Line)
  • Motorized Screen
  • Live Surgical Demonstration
  • CCTV Camera
  • Visualizer
  • DVD/VCD/CD Player
  • Wired & Wireless microphones
  • Speaker
  • Wireless Presenter
  • Chairman Table with preview monitor
  • Lectern with PC
  • Laser Pointer
  • Notebook

Comprehensive Event Management Services

  • Venue Set-up
  • Event Promotion
  • Catering Services
  • Other tailor-made services are also available to suit the particular needs of organizers and partners