What we can offer

Be part of our journey to excellence. Our experienced and professional trainers will share their leadership strategies and philosophies in managing and supporting the operations of the hospital.

Healthcare Management Training

Hospital Management

  • Discover the challenges in hospital management and its strategic approach
  • Seamless collaboration between clinical and management as a team
  • Implementing innovative system and advanced technology
  • Build People First and continuous learning culture
  • Community partnership and volunteerism
  • Continuous improvement in service quality and patient safety

Nursing Management

  • Discover the challenges in nursing management
  • Explore nursing development and specialist training
  • Acquire concepts of Occupational Safety, Infection Control and Modified Early Warning Score
  • Ward management and workflow improvement
  • Holistic people-centred quality care
  • Clinical visit

Quality & Safety

Discover the strategies to manage risk and achieve a growing and sustainable quality improvement system for enhancement in service quality and patient safety

Facilities Management

  • Explore innovative systems developed by PYNEH to support the business operations in a cost-effective way
  • Ward-based Preventive Maintenance of Facilities and Management
  • Performance Contracting of Energy Management
  • Vendor Managed Information System (VMIS)


  • An insight into PYNEH’s revolution of Patient Catering Service
  • Cook-Chill Technology
  • Central Production Unit
  • Food Safety
  • Implementation of Low Carbon Diet

Course Structure – From Theory to Practice:

Classroom training, clinical observation at PYNEH, interactive discussion and hospital visit

Who Should Attend

The program is ideal for experienced medical & healthcare professionals and executives involving in hospital management

Crew Resource Management (CRM)

In order to deliver quality service and ensure patient safety, a culture that emphasizes respect, teamwork, open and honest communication, cooperation and collaboration has to be fostered in the work environment. CRM training shares the concepts and practical tools to enhance teamwork, communication, situational awareness and decision making.


To introduce CRM skills to enhance patient safety, job satisfaction and efficiency through interactive workshops

Course Structure

Classroom training, group discussion and exercise

Who Should Attend

All Clinical and Allied Health Staff

Clinical Simulation Training

Development of simulation training dovetails with the HA direction to enhance the clinical competence and team communication for delivery of safer and improved patient care service. Scenario-based simulation training enables healthcare professionals to develop preparedness that translates into practical skills, better communication and teamwork.


To practice CRM skills in a scenario-based training with high-fidelity simulation environment

Course Structure

Scenario-based simulation practice on CRM skills

Who Should Attend

All Clinical and Allied Health Staff

Apart from offering scenario-based simulation training for teams and individuals, we also provide professional services in developing tailor-made scenarios to suit your teams’ needs. Please contact us for further details.

Clinical Technology Training

We offer a wide range of training activities and educational programs including lectures, hospital visit practicum and clinical attachment. The courses cover basic theories, hands-on simulation, and live demonstrations of the most commonly applied operations. Please visit MASTC website for more details.